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As the concern for the environment rises and new laws are implemented to protect soil loss and prevent erosion, Blueville Nursery is here to provide erosion control to fit your needs.

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Blueville Nursery offers a variety of erosion control options. Whether you are homeowner or a contractor, Blueville Nursery can provide erosion control services that prevent soil loss and fits your budget!

We also offer erosion control services as a Filtrexx certified installer.

Filtrexx has many advantages over the common silt fence it replaces. It is a round sock filled with a proprietary material that filters water, rather than creating a dam. The tube, filled tight, does not flap in the wind, which is a big factor in the failure of a silt fence. Additionally, it can be installed in wet and frozen conditions that prevent fence installation. Filtrexx also provides solutions to filter runoff from potentially contaminated areas, such as parking lots, and offers other ecological answers to some tough ecological problems. Check out the Filtrexx Web site for more information on other products.


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